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Discuss and build your skills with others who have been impacted by COVID-19.

ADAPT Graduates - Share your story!

7 - Meteor

I want to start by saying thank you for this amazing opportunity!


As of yesterday, I have completed Predictive Analytics for Business nanodegree while on my free month of access. I was grinding it out each day, but reflecting on the process I think it was worth it. I have earned so much and I am excited about what the future holds. 


Does anyone have any advice on the next best steps? Is there another program I should look into taking? Should I be studying for the advanced certification?


I come from a business background and have no "real" prior experience in the world of data. Is there some sort of volunteer/part-time work I can do to keep working on my craft. I would like to continue building a robust skillset.


Thanks again! Feel free to reach out with any suggestions or questions.

8 - Asteroid



First of all I would like to thank Alteryx for this great initiative of creating ADAPT program.


My overall experience with ADAPT has been delightful. I achieved the core certification in July and completed the Udacity nanodegree program last week. This has opened my eyes to the power of analytics and inspired me to pursue career in this field.


When I started this program, I had previously worked with data visualization tools and excel. Data wrangling with those tools was painful to some extent. But Alteryx experience has made data preparation a breeze. My next goal is to achieve the advanced certification and continue to be an active member of this wonderful community. I am also looking forward to enter back into the workforce with my new found skills.


My advice to someone starting the program is to be regular with the coursework and practice the tools in designer. In case you are struck, there is so much of help available on the community. So be brave and give it your best.




5 - Atom

All great finishers ..Could you please suggest best version of alteryx for completing nano degree

8 - Asteroid

Hi @Swethadp,


Latest version of Alteryx should get you through. Make sure you install predictive tool set as well.



7 - Meteor

Congratulation Hardik !!


your journey will be a stepping path for us. All the best.