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ADAPT Graduates - Share your story!

Community Manager
Community Manager

At the beginning of your ADAPT journey, we invited you to share your goals and what you hoped to achieve by completing the program. Now that you're further along, having earned Core certification and/or a Predictive Nano-degree, I wanted to give you the opportunity to reflect and share where you are today.


  • How would you describe your overall experience with ADAPT, and do you feel like you achieved your goals?
  • What are your next steps, and have your priorities or focus shifted from when you began the program?
  • What advice would you give to someone that's just starting the program?


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If you're feeling extra motivated, I'd encourage you to check out the video thread as well. We love finding creative new ways to learn more about our community members, and can't wait to learn more about your journey.


Many of you are close to completing your ADAPT curriculum and some of you are simply beginning your journey; I hope that the reflections posted in this thread motivate and inspire everyone reading them. I can't wait to hear what you all have to say, and remember that once you finish, there's still plenty of the community to explore!

Will Machin
Community Engagement Programs Manager
8 - Asteroid

Hello Fellow ADAPT participants,


Yesterday I  successfully completed Udacity's Predictive Analytics for Business course and therefore completing ADAPT program. For me, it is just a milestone as I continue the learning journey with Alteryx and make the best use of available license for the next couple of months. 


I have been around data all my life, predominantly focused on labor analysis and I can say I learned lots of nuances of data analysis through ADAPT program. 


My position was part of RIF with my previous company so it is truly empowering. o be able to showcase these valuable new skills (At no cost!!!) in my job hunt in the APA world.  I will be "talking Alteryx" wherever I go.


Thank You to Alteryx team for bringing ADAPT program,


Hardik Trivedi

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @htrivedi123 ,


Congratulations on completing the ADAPT program ! That's a huge step you've taken !


Would you share how was your experience and how you lived it ? That sure would be inspiring for many other users going through the program.


Also, what do you plan on doing next ? Passing the Designer Advanced certification ?





8 - Asteroid

Sure @Jean-Balteryx ,


As I reflect upon it, overall it was a great learning experience due to tremendous support provided by Alteryx/Udacity teams and Top Class learning material available in Alteryx community/Udacity Knowledge base. 


To break it down further, 


It took me 3 attempts in 4 weeks to get the CORE certification with my limited experience in APA. I stayed focused on learning the software to it's full potential irrespective of the outcome of my attempts. Feedback provided post certification served as a guide to focus on areas to improve.Getting certified was definitely a confidence booster and it helped tremendously during Udacity course. 


As for Udacity course itself, knowledge of statistics is prerequisite so if other participants don't have that, I would strongly recommend get basics cleared before starting that course. I was able to finish all 7 projects in 29 days so averaging about 4 days (3-4 hours per day) spent per concept. I specifically liked their mentor feedback  that was actionable. One challenge I ran in to in the last project of clustering was that Alteryx version 2019.2 and 2020.2 both have different output for clustering analysis macros. It took some investigation and couple of iterations to the model to figure out the issue, then again Modeling is all about iterations!!. Barring that, it was pretty smooth. 


Advanced certification is next ....see you on the other side very soon :),





6 - Meteoroid

Congratulations on completing the program Hardik Trivedi! Good luck on your job search.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @htrivedi12,


Really nice feedback! I never had the opportunity to test a Udacity program but it looks like it's very good!


If have any question or need any help to prepare the Advanced certification, feel free to reach out! 😊





7 - Meteor

I just passed the Core Certification Exam.  I would like some advice as to the best way to proceed.  Should I take advantage of the Udacity nanodegree in predictive analytics or pursue Advanced Certification in Alteryx?  (I am currently unemployed and certified in Tableau too.)


Thanks for any advice and MANY THANKS to Alteryx and the ADAPT program!!!

7 - Meteor

Hey, I'm in the same boat as you. I looked at the first advanced certification prep video and it blew me away. I'm in logistics and a Tableau user and Spatial Analytics with polygons is not straight forward in Tableau. So when I saw how easily Alteryx processed it I realized the Core certification is really just scratching the surface of what can be done with Alteryx.

That got me really debating between the time commitment between the Udacity course and the Advanced Alteryx. 


Unfortunately I wont be able to afford doing the Udacity course for three months. So I think I'll be really trying to get as much as I can in the 30 days of the predictive analytics course. 



Would also love to hear from others who've finished the whole program and wondering if there's a way to pay it forward by helping out a nonprofit or the like. 

7 - Meteor
  • How would you describe your overall experience with ADAPT, and do you feel like you achieved your goals?

The experience is very fun and rewarding - started in late June, I have covered both the nanodegree and  the core certification. Both are life changing courses that opened up a lot of learning path for me to follow on. To name a few, as a Tableau user, I cant share enough how spatial data was a pain and how one small weekly challenge changed my perspective of how "easy" it could be. Or as an analyst, the ease of model comparison is just game changing. 

All in all, the program opened up a lot of self learning pathways and have convinced me that Alteryx is a good tool to add to my CV.


  • What are your next steps, and have your priorities or focus shifted from when you began the program?

Now that with the knowledge from both Alteryx and Udacity, I am aiming to build a portfolio of work on GitHub and Tableau Public. Really wish to share more but am job hunting at the moment and this program might proven to be pivotal in landing on a life changing job/ career. 

Having that said, as a regular volunteer to a few London charities (good /bad times), I will continue volunteering and see if there are any data projects that I can do for that with the remaining days of Alteryx license  - please shout if you have any charity that could use a data project manager & an analyst! 


  • What advice would you give to someone that's just starting the program?

First advise - you have to finish it! Totally worthwhile!  

Second advise - enjoy it 🙂 

Practical advise - have a calendared plan, aim high so that you might landed on at least OK. (i.e. I planned to finish both Core and Udacity in a month each and put study plans on my phone, obviously I am a week behind schedule but given other priority in life it is still a good outcome.)

Also, don't rush it, digest the content probably - DO NOT study just for the sake of exam! 


Last but most certainly not least, please extend my sincere gratitude to everyone working with/ for the ADAPT program. It is as said in the beginning of the post, a life changing program and have given me the much needed confidence in mobilising data and apply it in real life. 


Thank you! 

7 - Meteor

Just graduated and got my Udacity nanodegree in Predictive Analytics for Business.  I was able to do it while on my free month of access.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything!  I've learned so much!  Can't wait to learn more!  Alteryx can do so much!  I just applied for a position at Alteryx today.  Do I sound excited?